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Sperm Freezing

The choice is yours. Keep it stored until you decide otherwise, or consider donation.

When do you need sperm freezing?

In some cases, we may recommend Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or Assisted Insemination (AI) as a simpler first attempt at fertility treatment or if: 

  • There is a physical problem with sexual intercourse
  • Scarring of the cervix prevents sperm penetration
  • Donor sperm is required

What happens during an IUI cycle?

Progress is closely monitored with blood tests and ultrasounds, with sperm placed directly into your cervix or uterus at the precise time of ovulation.

Please Note:
IUI is not as effective as IVF in cases where there is low sperm count, or if you suffer from severe endometriosis. It’s also not recommended if your fallopian tubes are blocked or if the cause of your infertility is unknown.

Can men freeze sperm for reasons beyond fertility issues?

Absolutely. Sperm freezing is not exclusive to those with fertility problems. Many choose it before medical treatments or for personal reasons, such as delayed family planning or certain occupational risks.

How is sperm freezing done, and does it affect quality?

Sperm freezing involves collecting, processing, and freezing semen. Modern techniques minimise effects, with the majority of sperm retaining functionality after thawing.

Any eligibility criteria for sperm freezing?

Generally, most men can freeze sperm, but quality and quantity assessments are crucial. We conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure suitability.

Concerned about how long sperm can be frozen?

Sperm can be stored for many years without significant degradation, thawed for use in assisted reproductive techniques like IVF or IUI.

Any risks or side effects associated with sperm freezing?

Generally safe with minimal risks, some men may experience slight discomfort during semen collection. Detailed instructions ensure a smooth experience.

Can sperm freezing guarantee future pregnancy success?

While not absolute, it significantly improves chances when used in assisted reproductive techniques, depending on various factors, including the woman’s reproductive health.

Embryos or sperm – what's the difference?

Embryo freezing involves fertilising eggs before freezing, while sperm freezing preserves individual sperm. The choice depends on individual circumstances.

Costs and insurance coverage for sperm freezing?

Varying costs and insurance coverage require discussion with our team.

Ethical concerns with sperm freezing?

Generally considered ethical and safe, but discussions are encouraged to address any concerns you may have.

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