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Egg Freezing

As a trailblazer in obstetrics, gynaecology, and fertility treatment, Dr. Ying Li is unwaveringly committed to women's health.

Should you freeze your eggs?

You might be wondering if it’s a practice limited to women in their late 30s or 40s. However, the reality is that women of various ages, including younger individuals, opt for this procedure. Whether facing medical treatments affecting fertility or desiring to postpone family planning for personal or career reasons, the choice is yours.

Concerned about the process and potential pain?

Rest assured, the egg freezing process involves ovarian stimulation and minimally invasive egg retrieval under anaesthesia. Discomfort is minimal, with an emphasis on managing expectations regarding temporary mild side effects

Do irregular menstrual cycles pose a challenge?

Not at all. We tailor the ovarian stimulation protocol to accommodate irregular cycles, with crucial monitoring and adjustments to optimise outcomes.

Worried about the shelf life of frozen eggs?

Eggs can be stored for many years without significant quality decline. When you decide to use them, thawing, fertilisation with sperm, and transferring resulting embryos to your uterus follow – a well-established process with high success rates.

Are there risks or side effects?

While minimal, as with any medical procedure, risks such as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) exist. With proper monitoring and medication adjustments, our aim is to minimise potential side effects.

Can egg freezing guarantee future pregnancy success?

While no guarantees exist, egg freezing significantly improves chances when used, depending on factors like your age at freezing and the number of eggs retrieved.

Embryos or eggs – what's the difference?

You also have the option to freeze embryos, which are fertilised. The choice depends on your individual circumstances and preferences.

Any ethical concerns?

Generally considered safe and ethical, we prioritise transparency and encourage discussions about any concerns you may have.

Concerned about costs and insurance coverage?

Costs vary, and insurance coverage differs. Verify with your provider and discuss financial aspects with our team.

Undecided about using frozen eggs?

The decision is entirely yours. If unused, they can be kept frozen or discarded, donated, or used for research based on local regulations.

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